5 Things You'll Love About the Ford Focus Active X

Buying a Ford Focus Active X

If you’re looking for a robust, muscular, confident and high-performing crossover with an abundance of energy, you’re sure to love the Ford Focus Active X. With striking good looks, sleek aerodynamics and a powertrain to get pulses racing, this is a great addition to Ford’s Active range which is tougher, more durable and capable of any adventure you throw its way.

There’s plenty to get excited about, including:

Openable Panorama Roof

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Ford Focus Active X is the openable panorama roof. Not only does this bring a sense of luxury and class to the overall design, but it also floods the cabin with natural light, helping to create a brighter environment. Being able to look up at the sky gives a sense of freedom and prevents the cabin from feeling at all claustrophobic.

The openable panorama roof is also highly flexible. As well as the glass itself, there’s also a retractable blind beneath it. This means you can open the roof to enjoy the heat of a warm, sunny day but can keep the blind draw to prevent excessive glare or sunburn. If you want, you can also open the roof and the blind for an airy ambiance. The choice is completely yours and you can change the setup according to your environment and weather throughout the day. Of course, if it’s raining, why not shut the roof but leave the blind open, so the cabin doesn’t feel too dark?

Improved ground clearance

If you like to live on the wild side and are always up for a road trip, the Ford Focus Active X could be just what you need. As with all Active vehicles, this model benefits from improve ground clearance allowing you take on rougher terrain without worrying about the underside of your car being damaged. So, whether you’re meandering down a bumpy country lane or need to head through a ford, the Ford Focus Active X has you covered. What’s also great about this rugged performer is the supple suspension and wider tyres. These elements work together to absorb the bumps of the road allowing for a smoother, more sophisticated driving experience.

While the Ford Focus Active X can hit the motorway with ease, it’s also reassuring to know you can head off the beaten track and not have to worry about mounting grass verges or slipping off curbs. This vehicle will give you a more relaxed approach to daily driving while making weekend adventures even more exhilarating.

State-of-the-art technology

When it comes to modern driving, Ford has certainly upped their game with regard to technology and the Ford Focus Active X benefits from many top features. As well as keyless entry, power sensors – front and rear –, power folding mirrors, heated seats and more, this vehicle also comes with exquisite on-road entertainment in the form of SYNC 3.

This smart, hand’s free entertainment and vehicle information system is a great addition to any Ford vehicle with an intuitive layout and menus that are easy to navigate via a sophisticated 8-inch touchscreen. Advanced features include a DAB radio and a satellite navigation system with clear instructions and crisp graphics. There’s smartphone compatibility allowing you to access your favourite apps on route as well as FordPass Connect which provides Wi-Fi access for up to 10 devices. This means that people of all ages can watch movies, play games, listen to tunes, browse the internet, use instant messaging services and stay entertained during a long journey.

SYNC 3 also offers real-time traffic updates thanks to Waze allowing you to outsmart traffic hazards, construction, delays and more. Ford + Alexa also means you can ask questions, control you Smart Home devices and more through voice commands. It really is clever stuff.

Ford’s EcoBoost Engine

Whether you’re looking for used cars for sale, or a vehicle finance offer, you’re sure to want to know all about the powertrain of your chosen model. Fords are renowned for their reliable, hardworking engines and the Active X is certainly no different offering a range of both petrol and diesel options. The 1.5-litre petrol, for instance, might be small but it has been turbocharged and tweaked to deliver an exceptional, head-turning performance time and time again. Torque is impressive and with excellent fuel economy, the Ford Focus Active X is also a great choice for anyone trying to reduce their carbon footprint. As a supremely refined three-cylinder unit, acceleration is sharp, responsive and will take the hassle out of driving, while steering remains light and efficient. It’s extremely quiet too, even as you work up the gears, allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

A variety of driving modes

If you’re someone who gets great joy out of customising your driving experience, the Ford Focus Active X is sure to tick your boxes in terms of functionality. There are 5 different driving modes to choose from including: Normal, Eco, Sport, Slippery and Trail. Each do different things as you’d expect helping you to navigate smoothly and efficiently. While Eco shuts down one of the cylinders to save fuel, Sport mode sharpens up the throttle response allowing for a fun, adrenalin-fuelled adventure. Slippery and Trail mode are all to do with grip making it much easier to navigate trickier surfaces. Remember, this car belongs to the Active range and therefore all 5 modes are all about delivering a robust driving style.

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