Best diesel cars of all time

Best diesel cars to buy

The demand for diesel cars has taken a tumble in recent months, due to uncertainty about the possible regulations, bans and tax impositions. As drivers and manufacturers begin to steer away from diesel engines, we take a look at what we think are the best used diesel cars of all time.

Peugeot 405 (1988-97)/ Citroën BX Turbo Diesel (1982-94)

Both the 405 and BX housed the renowned XUD turbo-diesel engine, designed by PSA Peugeot. This engine turned these models into what could be considered the most reliable diesel cars of their time. From the moment of launch, both of these cars achieved acclaim for being very economical, stylish and comfortable.

Austin Montego Countryman 2.0 D (1984-95)

You may be surprised to find a Montego included in this list, but this car has proven itself to be a Great British classic. The top spec Countryman trim turned this vehicle into a triumph of car design, with its elegant features and comfortable ride. The 2.0-litre Perkins engine can be considered one of the toughest diesel engines made and provided great reliability.

Land Rover Discovery 300 Tdi (1994-98)

As the first-generation Discovery, this car set a new standard for country drivers looking for luxury. The 200 Tdi is considered by most Discovery fans to be the best, although some argue the 300-series is more refined and provides a quieter drive. The Discovery is one of the best diesels when it comes to tough, rugged appearances with everyday driveability.

BMW 640d M Sport (2011 onwards)

The M Sport BMWs have always been popular with those who love performance cars, although many people are surprised to hear that the 640d M is one of the most fuel efficient diesel carsavailable in the sports-car pace section. This great car will regularly return over 50mpg, which has made it ideal for those looking to watch their fuel consumption while enjoying a sporty drive.

Mini Cooper SD (2014 onwards)

The Cooper SD may look cute, but it offers a sporty feel and great handling alongside great fuel economy. If you are looking for a car which stands out on the road, the sparky Clubman will really take some beating. The engine offers a brilliant 190bhp and an eight-speed gearbox, with a design to rival the best crossovers on the market.

Audi A4 1.9 TDI PD (2001-04)

The A4 housed the brilliant VAG engine, which can also be found in a variety of VWs, SEATs and Skodas. The engine made this car one of the most economical, fast and reliable cars available at the time and is still a popular vehicle with many used car buyers. The vehicle’s ability to perfectly balance economy and performance brings the A4 close to design perfection.

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