Driving Licence Fine: Forgetting this Could Cost you £1,000

Notifying DVLA of any changes

Being a car owner or driver is expensive enough without racking up unnecessary bills due to driving licence issues. Failure to notify DVLA of change of address could result in a hefty fine, for example, so here’s everything you need to know that will help you to keep on the right side of the law.

  • Update your driving licence details

If your name, title or address has changed – even temporarily – you must inform the DVLA or you risk being landed with a fine of up to £1,000. It’s a legal requirement for all your details to be correct, so be sure to set a reminder if you do find yourself getting married or relocating. The good news is; once you’ve told the DVLA your details, a new driving licence can be issued for free – so don’t let the fear of not having enough money stand in your way. This is particularly true for university students moving into halls who may be trying to avoid additional outgoings.

The setup process for updating details is also easy. You’ll simply need to remember or create a new Government Gateway ID. Once you’ve applied for a new license with all your updated details, it will take between one and three weeks to arrive.

  • Why is notifying the DVLA important?

If you’re a driver with a valid licence, you might be wondering why the DVLA needs to know your every move. While it might seem a little invasive, keeping the DVLA informed means that you’ll receive necessary information and updates – such as when your licence is due for renewal. In short, it allows the DVLA to do their job properly and ensures all road users are safe and legal.

After all, with so many motorists in the UK, it would get confusing if the DVLA didn’t impose strict driving license rules and regulations. Keeping tabs of drivers means systems can be updated accordingly and the relevant information can be dispatched and delivered correctly, without wasting essential funds.

  • Update your driving licence photo

As well as providing all the relevant details about where you live and what you’re called, you must also keep your driving licence photo in date. This means updating it every 10 years to ensure the picture still looks like you. Just like the penalty for not changing address on driving licence, failure to updates your photocard license can also result in a £1,000 fine, so it’s really important to act in good time. And this is where notifying the DVLA of your address comes in useful for you as a driver as you’ll receive reminders and how-to information.

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