Ford Fiesta vs Ford Focus: Sibling Rivalries

Ford Fiesta vs Ford Focus

If you’re looking for a family-friendly car that can combat city driving with ease but can also hit the motorway in style, you may be eyeing up the Ford Fiesta or the Ford Focus. Both have the reliability you’d expect from such a well-known marque; both dominate out on the road and both have a smart exterior complemented by a surprisingly spacious interior.

There’s not much between these two rivals and, while the Fiesta has been around longer and has been pleasing drivers in six different guises, the Focus has also been a firm favourite since it first launched back in 1998. So, if you’re rightly undecided, let the Ford Fiesta vs Ford Focus battle commence with the help of our article that aims to give an unbiased rundown of both models.

Ford Focus vs Ford Fiesta Exterior

The Ford Focus will get you to where you need to be in style. It’s well-known for being a predictable every day runner that’s undergone a stream of makeovers and now looks as dapper as ever. Available in a host of body colours from Race Red and Shadow Black to White Platinum and Ignot Silver, the Ford Focus means business and has done for decades. With strong lines and a distinctive exterior perfectly complemented by a large front grille, it’s hard not to give a glowing Ford Focus review . To summarise, the Ford is a popular choice for anyone looking for both practicality and finely-tuned aesthetics.

Like the Ford Focus, the Ford Fiesta is equally as stylish for a compact city runner that can handle tight corners and slip into tight parking spaces with ease. The Fiesta also has that instantly recognisable wide front grille with handsome bodylines that make it hard to distinguish between the two. The Fiesta is arguably the best-proportioned of the two, but this all comes down to personal opinion.

Ford Focus vs Ford Fiesta Interior

Step inside the cabin of both cars and you’ll find a remarkably spacious cabin for such compact vehicles, with the Focus offering a higher console and giving the impression you’re sitting lower in the vehicle. The Focus also offers 5cm more legroom and 1cm more headroom than the Fiesta which, while beneficial – as all extra space is – will hardly be noticed if you’re making a direct comparison. Indeed, the Fiesta is still perfectly capable of seating four adults comfortably with plenty of shoulder and arm space. The Focus has the larger boot of the two (316 litres against 290 litres in the Fiesta), which in reality may be a tipping point for families in need of additional luggage space if they wish to travel.

Ford Focus specs and Fiesta specs are therefore remarkably similar. Both Ford models have been excellently finished and boast a range of high quality upholstery and soft plastics.

Ford Focus vs Ford Fiesta Technology

Both models have been around for several decades, so you will find many versions of each make still circulating today. While the older models feature somewhat basic technology compared to today’s standards, both have undergone upgrades and now include an advanced tech-spec.

Hop inside the Focus from recent years - such as the 2017 release, for example - and you’ll find a wide range of high-tech equipment including the all-important SYNC 3 voice activated technology which will keep you entertained and connected while on the road. With an attractive touchscreen and extras such as an inbuilt navigation system on selected models, you can be sure you’re getting the very most for your money.

The Fiesta review is not much different when it comes to technology either, with newer models sharing the same infotainment system on certain trim levels. All modern cars also include a technology enhanced safety suite with highlights including Active Park Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keeping Aid, Traffic Sign Recognition, and more.

Ford Focus vs Ford Fiesta Engines

Aside from how both cars look, performance is crucial when it comes to making an investment. The good news is, the Focus and Fiesta share many of the same engines across the range, meaning you’ll get a similar driving experience no matter which make you eventually opt for.

With regards to efficiency, both vehicles boast a 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine under the hood, which essentially delivers big engine performance without wasting fuel. As the Ford Fiesta is the lighter car of the two, this engine tends to perform slightly better with this model but, again, the difference is minimal and hard for the average driver to spot.

If you opt for the Ford Focus, a 1.5-litre diesel offering 95hp or 120hp could be your best option as it delivers a little more refinement and is light on fuel consumption.

Whatever the case, Fiesta reliability and Ford Focus reliability are hard to criticise. Both cars are well-known for raising their game and delivering a top driving experience which includes exceptional handling. The steering is light, as are the clutch and gearshift, so you won’t have to wrestle with the mechanics to get to where you need to be. Both vehicles are also quiet whether you opt for diesel or petrol engines, so you can wind the windows down and enjoy a relaxing ride.

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