Hot weather motoring myths decoded

Summer motoring myths

You’ve probably heard a whole range of stories about what you can and can’t do during the summer months when it comes to driving and maintaining your vehicle. But what exactly is true and what’s pure hearsay? This article decodes some of those widely circulated hot weather motoring myths.

You can’t drive in bare feet – FALSE

If you think it’s against the law to drive in bare feet, you’d be mistaken. It’s actually perfectly acceptable so long as you can operate the pedals well. Similarly, when the mercury rises, you’re not forbidden from driving in flip-flips, sandals or any other kind of summer-appropriate shoe either. The only things to keep in mind when deciding what to wear during the morning commute or a Sunday drive around countryside is that if your footwear is directly responsible for a crash your insurance may not cover the incident.

Also, if you do anything that deliberately puts you or others in danger on the road, such as driving with wet and slippery feet, this is very much against the law and could lead to prosecution. As with anything that concerns getting behind the wheel, it’s crucial to use your common sense and stay safe.

You can’t drive with a pet in the car during summer – FALSE

When the sky is blue and the sun is in the sky, you may want to take your dog for a quick spin in the car in order to reach an idyllic walking spot. This is perfectly acceptable – even during a warm spell. Similarly, if you need to take your cat, gerbil, rabbit, guinea pig or whatever else you own to the vet on a hot day – you can do. There is no law to state otherwise.

That said, leaving your pet to swelter in a hot car is a big no-no. If something bad should happen as a direct result of your pet being shut in the vehicle, you could be prosecuted under the 2006 Animal Welfare Act and end up with a prison sentence. You may also receive an unlimited fine if proven guilty, so don’t take the risk – not even to pop to the shops for a few minutes as a pet can overheat quickly.

Tyres wear out quicker in hot weather – TRUE... and FALSE

These days, most tyres are made up of a mixture of chemical components which cope well in hot weather. Therefore, they’re unlikely to deteriorate at a rapid rate just because the sun has decided to put its hat on for a few hours.

Of course, the hotter the road, the more friction there may be, and this might mean you need to keep a slightly closer eye on tyre tread and pressure. In general, the friction between your car’s tyres and the road can be offset by keeping the pressure at the correct level.

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