How to cut your driving emissions

Improving your emissions on your car

We all know the importance of cutting down on carbon emissions, with the benefits to the environment and personal health complemented by economic factors such as less reliance on fossil fuels and more affordable running costs. Of course, a contributing factor to carbon emissions comes from automobiles, so knowing how to improve emissions on your car, or how to drive more efficiently, is essential.

So, how can you improve your driving emissions? Follow these tips to ensure that your car emissions are as minimal as can be.

1. Invest in cleaning agents

As your vehicle ages, it’s inevitable that its efficiency decreases. With harmful deposits accumulating in your engine, this reduction in efficiency also leads to an increase in emissions. By investing in a cleaning agent - which is injected into your vehicle’s fuel system - these deposits will be broken down and eliminated. It is recommended that such agents are used every three months for peak efficiency.

2. Regular oil changes

You’ve probably seen ‘oil change’ marked down on your vehicle service at some stage or another. If not, it’s something you should look at rectifying as soon as possible. Regular oil changes are vital for peak performance as they keep your engine lubricated, clean, and free from the wear and tear that is inevitable as the years pass.

3. Monitor tyre pressure

Checking tyre pressure is one of the simplest - yet most effective - means of reducing your driving emissions, with low tyre pressure increasing both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Checking the pressure of your tyres at least once per month takes only a few minutes but could benefit both the environment and your wallet. Follow the manufacturer guidelines for optimum performance.

4. Check air conditioning

While interior cabin comfort may be key to the enjoyment of motoring, regular use of your air conditioning to set the ideal climate is far from environmentally friendly. Any air conditioning system makes a vehicle’s engine work harder, thus increasing emissions and burning more fuel, so use sparingly for better efficiency. In addition, always ensure you switch off your air conditioning a few miles before arrival at your destination.

5. Look at alternative vehicles

Although not the most immediately cost-effective option for your bank balance, updating your transport to a modern, fuel-efficient vehicle is a great way to ensure your car emissions are at their lowest. From hybrid options to 100% electric vehicles, or even just those featuring class-leading levels of emissions, there is a host of models available that pride environmentally friendly performance above all else.

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