Keeping your car in shape with our service and repairs

Car repairs and maintenance

No matter the make or the model, every vehicle needs the expertise of trained technicians to retain peak performance. Whether its extensive car repairs or simple car maintenance, by looking after your vehicle you can make sure it looks after you when out on the road. But what are the key signs you should look out for and when is the right time to book service and repair activity? We take a look at a few warning signs you should keep an eye on.

Annual servicing

The easiest way to maintain the condition of your car is to invest in annual vehicle servicing. As is obvious from the name, this should be conducted annually and will enable professional car mechanics to take a detailed look into the workings of your model. Using the latest diagnostic equipment, they will be able to identify any issues that have - or may - impair the enjoyment or performance of your drive. In addition, an annual service will also enable you to stay up-to-date with vital components like engine oil and filter replacements.

Tyre maintenance

As well manufactured as they are, the tyres on your car are subject to a lot of stress. As such, wear and tear gradually leads to the erosion of tread which thus reduces the grip on the road and compromises your safety. Undertaking regular checks of the quality of your tyres, either by yourself or at a professional garage, is advised particularly when the weather and seasons change from hot to cold and vice versa.

Listen carefully

Is that a rattling sound you can hear? Perhaps it’s something coming loose on the tyre? Or maybe it’s just a stone caught in the wheel arch as you drive? If you’re not an expert, it can be difficult to determine what any odd sounds emanating from your vehicle truly are. The only way to be certain is to drop in to your local mechanic for them to diagnose the issue. And don’t, whatever you do, feel the temptation just to simply turn up the radio to drown out any unknown sounds!

MOT testing

Depending on the age of your vehicle, a regular MOT is likely to be a legal requirement. This annual test examines the road worthiness of your vehicle and is an ideal time for a professional to conduct a thorough investigation of the level of performance offered. Often MOTs are combined with annual servicing to ensure that any issues are rectified before being tested, but if you don’t currently invest in servicing, it’s worth getting a technician to give your car a once over to ensure you don’t spend money on the test only to fail.

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