Keeping your car up and running with our top ten used car maintenance tips

How to maintain your used car

There’s no reason why a high quality used car can’t run for many years if it’s looked after properly. In order to keep your vehicle in good condition, however, it’s important to stay on the ball and follow these basic car maintenance tips.

  • 1.Check the tyres regularly
  • 2.Check the oil
  • 3.Check the water
  • 4.Replace your windscreen wipers
  • 5.Top up your screenwash
  • 6.Replace windscreen chips
  • 7.Check the brakes
  • 8.Test your heating system
  • 9.Replace your battery
  • 10.Check your lights

At the top of your basic car maintenance checklist should be a weekly tyre check. Look out for general wear and tear and be sure that the tread depth is at least 1.6mm. You should also keep an eye on the tire pressure and add air if necessary.

In order to function properly, your engine needs to be well-lubricated, which means oil checksare essential. Every couple of weeks – or before a long journey – use your dipstick to ensure you have enough oil. If you notice levels dipping quicker than they should, take your car to the garage for a quick inspection.

As a responsible motorist, you should check your coolant level is between the MIN and MAX marks. During the chilly months, you can use a 50/50 mix of water and anti-freeze to help winterise your vehicle. Knowing how to take care of your car in all seasons is important, so keep this tip in mind.

Believe it or not, windscreen wipers can become blunt and ineffective leaving dirty smear marks all over your glass. This is particularly hazardous when driving in rainy conditions, so replace your wipers once a year to prevent accidents.

Your screenwash system must work by law. So, keep it topped up with a solution that’ll keep your windscreen clear and get rid of any oily grime.

If a stone flicks up at your car and leaves a dent in your windscreen, get it repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage. As the common saying goes – a stitch in time saves nine.

Every once in a while you should carry out a controlled emergency stop in a safe environment to see if your breaks are working at their best. For peace of mind, it’s also worth getting them checked over by a mechanic – particularly before the onset of winter.

If you haven’t used your heating system in a while, give it a test run before you need to use it. There’s no point in waiting until there’s snow on the ground before finding out it doesn’t work. Similarly, if you have not turned the air conditioning on recently, give that a blow too.

If you’re lucky, the battery warning light will come on before it fails. If you’re not, it will just die leaving you stranded. To avoid being stuck in the middle of nowhere, replace your battery every three years – or more if you spot a problem.

Completing the list of top ten car maintenance tips is an inspection of your lights. One of the easiest ways to do this is to ask a friend to turn on all the lights from inside the vehicle as you take a good look at each one of the bulbs from the outside.

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