Ten Signs your Car isn’t Ready for the Winter

Winter Car Tips

The cold weather can really take its toll on your vehicle, so it’s important to recognise if your car is fit for the roads during a cold spell or not. Here are ten signs your car isn’t ready for the winter and some vital winter car care tips.

1 - You’ve not enough oil

It might sound obvious, but if you haven’t got enough oil you could burn out your engine. So, always check the levels before heading out and about.

2 - Your tyres aren’t wearing evenly

Uneven tyres can be extremely dangerous during the winter months. All tyres must have at least 3mm of tread and be inflated to the correct pressure to improve grip and avoid road slippage.

3 - There’s no anti-freeze in your coolant

When driving in winter, you need to keep an eye on your coolant to make sure it’s topped up to the right levels and contains an adequate amount of anti-freeze.

4 - You’ve faulty light bulbs

The winter is dark and gloomy. Rain can also make it difficult to see oncoming vehicles which is why it’s essential that all your lights, including indicators, brake lights and fog lights are working perfectly.

Note: If your car is flooded, your electrics may be affected and require professional maintenance.

5 - Your screenwash isn’t concentrated enough

If your screenwash isn’t concentrated, it might not be able to withstand colder temperatures and freeze. This will make driving difficult as your windscreen visibility will be affected.

6 - Your brakes feel different

If your brakes are making strange noises or your car is pulling to one size when you slow down, there might be an issue with the braking system that requires urgent attention.

7 - Flaring engine revs

A slipping clutch can be identified by flaring engine revs upon acceleration. There’s no quick fix with this. Your clutch will need to be repaired, so don’t take any risks.

8 - You keep hearing a knocking sound

Do you hear a knocking sound every time you navigate a corner? If so, this could be a sign of a worn wheel bearing or driveshaft coupling. This could damage the suspension and needs urgent attention.

9 - Acceleration is unimpressive

If you regularly let your car get low on fuel, sediment might have caused a small blockage in the fuel filter. This can lead to sluggish acceleration and a poor engine performance, so contact your garage.

10 - Your engine is stuttering

Knowing how to prepare a car for winter will work in your favour. Keeping an eye on your spark plugs to ensure they’ve not deteriorated will help protect your engine and prevent stuttering.

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