The 5 easiest cars to park

Which Cars Are Easiest to Park?

If the thought of parking leaves you feeling anxious, you are not alone. As traffic increases and parking spaces are scarcer you may often be faced with parking in extremely tight spaces. We have scoured the market to find you the top five easiest cars to park.

Smart Fortwo

Small cars are easy to park, so it is obvious that the smallest mainstream car available today will be the easiest to park. At just 2.7 metres long and with a near-vertical rear windscreen, it is very easy to tell where the back of the car is. The Fortwo is also narrow, so is ideal for squeezing into even the tightest parking spaces. Its tiny size means the car benefits from a very small turning circle, which will provide you with great manoeuvrability in tricky parking situations.

BMW i3

If you need more space, the i3 offers a larger boot than the Smart Fortwo and four comfortable seats. This electric car is just 3.9 metres long and is the shortest car available with an automated parking system. This optional extra will set you back £790, but it will mean that at the touch of a button the system will scan the road for an ideal parking space and then park the car automatically, making it the easiest car to parallel park.

Skoda Yeti

If an electric car is not for you, the best option in terms of size is the Skoda Yeti. The park assist system isn’t quite as clever as the top-of-the-range BMW system, but it is much cheaper and will cost £590 as an extra. Without the park assist, the Yeti is still one of the best cars for city parking, thanks to is square design and high driving position, which gives a clear view of the road.

Four B-Max

If you are looking for a family car, the B-Max is one of the smallest MPVs available at just over 4 metres long. The driving position provides great visibility and optional parking sensors will make parking very simple. For families struggling to help children in and out of a car in tight spaces, the B-Max is fitted with sliding rear doors.

BMW 7 Series

If you are interested in a luxury car that makes parking as simple as possible, the 7 series is perfect. Similarly, to the BMW i3 it is available with park assist, but also features full remote-control parking. This Advanced Parking package will cost you £1,100, but it means that once a suitable space is found the driver can get out of the car and use the key to let the car park itself.

If you would like some advice about learning to park with ease, our team is always available to offer advice. When purchasing a car, it can be useful to test drive some vehicles and see how easy they are to park. We have a variety of models available to view and test drive in our Carwise centres in Harlow and Maidstone.