The best cars for surviving a zombie apocalypse

Apocalypse survival vehicles

Although a zombie apocalypse may not be the most likely of events, it’s good to know which cars would get you through one virtually unscathed. Here are the top five apocalypse survival vehicles we’d want if the earth is ever invaded by the undead.

Toyota Hilux: Jeremy Clarkson and James May famously proved on Top Gear that the Hilux is, apparently literally, indestructible. It survived being driven into the Bristol Channel, hit with a wrecking ball, set fire to and, finally, being placed on top of a 23-storey tower block about to be demolished. It looked a bit the worse for wear after some of these adventures, but there was never anything a mechanic couldn't put right. So in the event of a zombie invasion, this is a good one to pick.

Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG: with six-wheel drive, 16 inches of ground clearance and the ability to power through water 40 inches deep, mere reanimated corpses are nothing to this mighty 3,800kg beast. Its 5.5-litre V8 engine produces 560lb ft of torque and can reach 62mph in just 4.5 seconds for a quick getaway. Sure, from new it costs upwards of £143,000, but its tough nature means as a used car it’s certainly dependable.

Land Rover Discovery: Since Land Rover first donated a Discovery for use as an emergency dispensary in the Dubai desert in 1954, its ability to cope with even the most extreme conditions has made it the choice of the Red Cross for emergency operations around the world. And with more than 2,400 litres of space in the back and the boot combined, you'll be able to rescue four of your friends and still carry enough emergency supplies to see you through until the zombies go in search of an easier target.

Peugeot 208 BlueHDi: If it’s nippy manoeuvrability to flee through a crumbling city that you need, the compact 208 is hard to beat. The small steering wheel sits lower than a normal wheel, with the express aim of reducing tiredness in your arms on long journeys. It’s lightweight – weighing in at just 960kg – but tough and generously equipped with safety features, including impact protection, so that even if the zombies do catch up with you, you’re well shielded. But they won’t, because with fuel consumption of up to an enormous94.2mpg, the apocalypse will be long over before you’re anywhere near running on empty.

Ford Tourneo Custom: The passenger-carrying version of the Tourneo seats nine people comfortably – so you can get the kids, all your friends, Auntie Ethel and even her cat out of danger and still have plenty of space. Even with all nine seats in use, there’s a 922-litre boot, so you can carry enough food, drink, books and games to keep the kids from whining. It drives nicely too, with up to 168bhp and 299 lb ft of torque should you need to put on an extra zombie-defeating sprint.

At Carwise Group, we have a huge range of reliable used cars of a variety of makes and models for sale – some great for ferrying the family around, some built to take on tricky terrain, and all a match for the most cerebrally ravenous of zombies. If you'd like to test drive one of them, call us at whichever of our dealerships is most convenient for you – you'll find us in Harlow and Maidstone