Top 5 offline navigation apps for drivers

Top five best navigation apps for iPhone and Android devices

Long gone are the days of unfolding giant maps in the front seat and trying to first pinpoint your current location and second pinpoint your destination. Almost all motorists these days are in possession of either a satellite navigation system or a smartphone featuring a suitable alternative. Plus, with the advent of Google and Apple Maps, finding the quickest routes and the latest traffic information has never been easier.

Of course, these apps work magnificently in built up areas where mobile data is easily accessible. But head out into the wilderness (ok, maybe just the middle of the countryside), and trying to find a signal can be near impossible. And, while these apps offer limited offline support, they are far from ideal. We take a look at five of the best navigation apps for iPhone and Android devices.

1. OsmAnd

iPhone and Android

Built using the highly renowned OpenStreetMap (OSM) data, OsmAnd Maps enables you to store all map information on your device (or memory card) enabling complete offline use. In addition to not using any of your data, the application features such attributes as voice and optical navigation, driving, cycling, and pedestrian modes, and includes points of interest. Finally, the maps are updated once a month, thereby ensuring directions will always be up-to-date.

2. HERE WeGo

iPhone and Android

A second free app offering offline maps & navigation is HERE WeGo. Offline maps of more than 100 countries from around the globe are available for download, while the application even delivers transport information for 1,300 cities.


iPhone and Android

With more than 50 million downloads from around the globe, MAPS.ME offers a complete range of offline map requirements. Like OsmAnd, MAPS.ME takes its data from OpenStreetMap, meaning maps are updated on a regular basis to ensure the most recent information. What sets MAPS.ME apart from the others, however, is the exceptional detail afforded to points of interest, hiking trails, and more.

4. Navmii World

iPhone, Android and Windows Phone

With free access to maps of 197 countries, it’s no surprise that Navmii World is one of the leading offline map options for motorists. Featuring voice-guided navigation, this is a practical and versatile application that ensures up-to-date maps regardless of destination. Best of all, it’s an app that’s also available for Windows Phone users in addition to iPhone and Android.

5. Sygic

iPhone, Android and Windows Phone

Our final recommendation is Sygic. More than 200 million motorists have downloaded this particular navigation app and, with the ability to connect to in-car infotainment systems, it’s no surprise that it represents a fantastic alternative to Google and Apple Maps.

The best way to determine the offline GPS app that is best for you is to simply download them and give them a try. Each option is simple to use and will be able to provide you with all the data you need to ensure your journeys are quick, fuel-efficient, and without issue.