Top cleanest diesel cars

Clean diesel cars

For many years, ‘being green’ and kind to the planet and driving a car has seemed like the ultimate contradiction. One of the largest contributors to pollution, it has only been a matter of time until the motor industry has had to start to change.

Today, emissions and pollution are just as important to many car buyers as is fuel economy and performance, and that’s equally applicable to hybrid cars as it is to diesel cars. Many diesel car buyers now want to know that their choice of car is kinder to the environment, and has the lowest diesel emissions possible. Let’s take a look at the diesel car market and which models are the least polluting diesel cars.

Why choose a clean diesel car?

For many consumers, the draw of a green car is apparent. Green cars tend to be cheaper to run and, if diesel car emissions are in the ‘no-emission’ tax band, also exempt from paying car tax too. Manufacturers are constantly trying to break new ground in making traditional fuel cars more environmentally friendly, and some of the newer clean diesel cars can manage 90mph along with pleasingly low emissions.

Of course, as a car buyer, you can opt to go for a hybrid car or a fully electric car to be as environmentally friendly as possible. But if you decide that a traditional fuel car is a better choice for you, it’s reassuring to know that most car manufacturers are fixated on making cars as efficient and as green as possible.

How to decide

Choosing the right car for you will depend on a number of factors, and the same applies to choosing a green car. First, you should determine what the car will be used for, and how much you’d like to spend. If you’re looking for a small runaround and live in a city, an electric car might be the right choice. If, however, you spend a lot of time doing long-distance travel, choosing a cleaner diesel car might be a better choice.

The best clean diesel cars

In research carried out by Which?, there were a number of diesel cars which performed well in terms of producing the least diesel emissions.

  • BMW has one of the lowest NOx emissions for diesel cars. No surprise then that their BMW 3 Series is one of the most popular models currently being sold
  • Likewise, MINI (owned by BMW) offers a range of vehicles that offer low diesel emissions
  • Toyota, an innovator in the green space, offers low emission diesel cars
  • Ford diesel cars are also some of the least polluting on the UK roads today

In short, there is hope that the motor industry can produce diesel cars which are kinder to our planet. That would, of course, be a result for everyone. If you’d like to ask us more details about buying a clean diesel car, why not visit us at one of our showrooms in Harlow and Maidstone.