Top Tips for Preparing for Your Driving Test

Driving test preparation tips

With your driving test looming, it’s normal to feel worried, stressed and anxious. Will you remember how to parallel park? Will you know what lane to get into at the roundabout? There’s plenty to think about, so here are some top tips for mastering one of the biggest tests of your life.

Practice, practice, practice

One of the most common driving test fails is not having enough practice. So, it’s important to get out on the roads as much as possible. While practicing with friends and relatives might be the cheapest and most practical option for you, there are certain rules to follow. For instance, the person accompanying you must have had a driving license for at least three years and be over 21.

When it comes to practice, it’s also beneficial to take prearranged lessons with an approved driving instruction (ADI) who is professionally trained to teach you. They’ll teach you the rules of the road and prevent you from picking up bad driving habits that others may have fallen into over the years. What’s more, many ADI vehicles have dual control which means instructors can access the brake and clutch as needed, giving you more confidence behind the wheel.

Practice in the car you’ll drive at the test

Many people practice in their driving instructor’s vehicle and then take their own car to the test centre. This is perfectly acceptable, but it’s crucial to practice in your own car as it may be completely different to drive than the vehicle you’ve been learning in. The clutch control tends to differ from car to car and you must master this on your vehicle to avoid stalling. You also need to practice acceleration and braking so your movements are smooth and controlled.

Know the theory of the road

Before booking your driving test you’ll need to have passed a theory test. If you’ve already done this, then great, but always revise the rules of the road, so you feel confident. Knowing the highway code will help you become a safe driver too and will ensure you don’t break any rules during your driving test, which might result in a disappointing fail.

Drive on possible test routes

ADIs will normally take you on routes that will be used during your test, so that’s why booking lessons with a qualified instructor is a good idea. By the time your test comes, you’ll know the roads well and be aware of any difficulties you might face such as busy roundabouts or pedestrian crossings. When you can, practice these routes with a friend or relative, especially during the run up to your test. If you make a mistake, such as stalling at a traffic light, don’t panic. Take a deep breath and carry on.

Look after yourself

Before the day of your test, make sure you get enough sleep. Being tired can lead to bad decision making out on the road and that’s not what you want. It’s also a good idea to have breakfast if your test is in the morning as this will help you to focus. And remember to stay hydrated to avoid fatigue and headaches.

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