Top Used Cars that Look Great in Yellow

Yellow Cars

If black, white, grey or silver does nothing to pique excitement when vehicle hunting, you might be searching for cars that come in yellow. Yellow runners are fresh, vibrant and head-turning, so let’s take a closer look at makes and models available in this head-turning shade.

Honda NSX

There’s plenty to look forward to in 2020, with the all-new Acura NSX – that’s American for Honda – being available in a striking Indy Yellow, a modern interpretation of the popular Spa Yellow. In a bold move that gives this hybrid supercar a pleasing retro vibe, Honda is turning up the heat which is perhaps no surprise considering the new release for 2018 consisted of Thermal Orange.

Chevrolet Camaro

If you’re a massive fan of the Transformers series, you’ll know how awesome the Chevrolet Camaro looks in yellow. The cautious yet brave Bumblebee transforms into this flagship model throughout the movie, so it makes sense for the Camaro to mimic Bumblebee’s colour scheme.

Alfa Romeo 4C Spyder

A sleek high performer with exceptional styling and beautifully crafted aerodynamics, the Alfa Romeo 4C Spyder is a sporty masterpiece with an abundance of attitude. Showcasing the proud racing heritage of this reputable marque, the 4C Spyder dazzles in bright yellow paintwork which works nicely against the black door mirrors and tyres.


While some shades of yellow will have you pulling on your sunglasses, others are a little more subtle yet equally as thrilling. The BMW M4, for instance, comes in Austin Yellow which has a beautiful metallic sheen. It’s a mix between metallic gold and bright yellow which creates a classy, luxurious feel that complements the rest of this model’s design.

Jeep CJ7

When it comes to looking for ‘used cars near me’, you may fancy something a little on the retro side. Sometimes, classic models are the most appealing with the Jeep CJ7 being a quintessential jeep with its large tyres, removable doors and open canopy. Poised for adventure, the Jeep CJ7 is ready for anything you throw its way. And what’s really exciting is that it comes in yellow, a colour that was – and still is – in high demand.

Ford GT

With a light yet powerful design, innovative shaping and advanced EcoBoost technology giving this vehicle the edge over competitors, this is a supercar that means business. While the classic yellow and black striped Ford GT40 Mk IV raced its way to fourth at Le Mans in 1967, this colour combination is still being used today to create success.

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