What to Do If Your Car Is Clamped and How to Get It Released

Understanding the wheel-clamping regulations

Getting your car clamped can be a huge inconvenience, especially if you didn’t realise you were parking illegally in the first place or are in a rush and need to be mobile. By knowing the wheel-clamping regulations and how to get released, you could save a lot of hassle, so here’s a useful guide to put your mind at ease.

Don’t ignore the problem

Whether you’re short of cash and don’t want to pay a fine or have another car you can drive in the meantime, don’t ignore the problem – it won’t go away. In fact, it could get a whole lot worse as the DVLA can even tow your car away if it’s parked illegally on public land or roads. A vehicle left unattended for a long time can also end up being stolen or vandalised, which will turn a simple (if not frustrating problem) into a much more serious one.

Know your rights

If you’ve been clamped in a private carpark, this is actually against the law. Such clamping has long been banished, so you can demand for the clamp to be removed right away. The only downside is that you might still have to pay a fine. This is particularly true, if your vehicle was clamped in an area governed by a local council and was deemed improperly parked or a danger to other drivers. So, the lesson here is to always try to find a suitable parking space, even if you’re parking in a private space. If there are marked white lines, use these as a guide as you can’t go far wrong. If other cars are parked in a line, follow the trend ensuring people can get in and out of the parking area as required.

Follow the instructions

If your vehicle is clamped and you can’t demand for it to be removed, you’ll need to follow the instructions left attached to your car. Usually you’ll need to quote the reference number to a telephone operator and pay the requested fee which can range from £50-£200. Unfortunately, charges are steep to help prevent unlawful parking.

If you’ve been driving a vehicle that’s not appropriately taxed, your car may be impounded. The DVLA can easily identify untaxed cars via your number plate. In this case, you’ll have to ring your local police force on 101 or head to your nearest station.

Don’t try and remove the clamp

Whether you’re angry or simply trying to beat the system, don’t attempt to remove the clamp yourself as this could be considered criminal damage and you might end up in even more trouble. You could also damage your own car in the process which is definitely not what you want.

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