Buying a Vauxhall Insignia

The Vauxhall Insignia has been popular since it was launched in 2008, winning the European Car of the Year award the following year and outselling the Ford Mondeo. Efficiency, practicality, comfort and sophisticated style have won the excellent quality award for Insignia.
As the AA put it: “The Insignia continues to go from strength to strength.”


In 2017, the second generation of the Insignia surpised us all with a more beautiful, longer, lower, lighter and more streamlined body. Take the roulette, stretch it to the car profile and you will reach almost 4.90 meters (thhe Audi Q7 is just one idea longer), and some of the competitors in the Insignia class are noticeably smaller in size. The design is a dynamic evolution of what we saw in the new Vauxhall Astra and enjoys excellent proportions. Leave it in the basic Royal Blue blue color, combine it with 20-inch wheels and you'll get an impressive machine.


Vauxhall has done a great job in the interior as well. The dashboard is divided by the billions of buttons for each function and becomes a preview panel with several buttons and an 8-inch touchscreen topped with a physical volume controller. The quality of the materials used is definitely better than what you expect in a car that was once called the Vectra. If you find a Brownstone leather interior and you will enjoy a truly premium feel. Thanks to its lower bodywork and significantly longer wheelbase, the new Insignia is surprisingly comfortable with the lower seating position behind the wheel and the abundance of rear space. There is so much legroom that even tall men can cross them. As long as they need to do it.

The widgets

The brand's exceptional history and several branded cars are among the reasons why we like Vauxhall, but the brand earns real respect with its policy of offering high technology at an affordable price. This democratization in accessories has put the heated steering wheel in the middle class. And the matrix lights appeared in the Vauxhall Astra just 2 years after we first saw them on the Audi A8. In addition, the new Insignia performs better than semi-autonomous driving systems.
As for the semi-artificial intelligence - their work is more than adequate and their intervention is certainly effective.The dashboard behind the wheel retains the interesting combination of analog arrows and a digital screen that enjoyed the previous generation. There is also a voltmeter - a sweet wink to long gone times.

The drive

The new Insignia arrives with a wide range of 4-cylinder engines, some of which are all-new. Their power is between 110 and 260 hp. The most popular is the diesel with 136 hp. and petrol with 140hp. The transmission can be either a 6-speed manual or an all-new 8-speed automatic. Vauxhall also offers dual drive, which is combined with a torque vectoring system. It changes the distribution of thrust between the inner and outer wheels in a turn to provide dynamics and stability.The new 1.5-liter turbo-petrol engine has a power of 140 or 160 hp. Despite their cubic capacity with the volume of a large bottle of still water, they are quite sufficient to provide dynamics in the city and a quiet journey, as well as overtaking on the motorway. They are also capable of offering decent fuel economy.

On the road

The new Insignia is stable, capable, reliable, comfortable, quiet and unobtrusive. A longer wheelbase and shorter overhangs result in a lower center of gravity and more cornering stability. The suspension offers a good balance between awareness, comfort and stability, with FlexRide adaptive dampers able to soften or solidify the vehicle. This is not the car you will want to write runway epexies, but you will certainly be able to walk thousands of miles with it.

The pros

Vauxhall is making better cars and the new Insignia is yet another proof in this direction. The Insignia offers a great deal at a reasonable price.


Back visibility is limited, so a parktronic, or reversing camera could be beneficial.


The new Insignia is an excellent business car, that also has much to offer to families.

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