The quickest way to cool your car down

Keeping your engine cool

Whether you’re looking to cool your car down in summer to make for a more comfortable drive or are wondering how to keep your engine cooler if it overheats, here are some useful tips for drivers.

Avoid the heat – maintaining a cool cabin temperature

There are a number of reasons your cabin might overheat, but they’re usually all connected to hot weather. Leaving your vehicle out in the midday sun on a hot summer’s day, for instance, could make your car heat up like a sauna. If this happens, there’s plenty you can do.

  • Open the windows

Don’t open all the windows in a sweaty panic. Instead, it’s much more effective to wind down the windows on one side of your vehicle and then open and close the driver’s door several times. This will essentially push out the warm air helping to instantly lower the temperature.

  • Turn on the air conditioning

It might sound obvious but be sure to turn on the air conditioning as soon as possible to its lowest setting. Don’t rush to shut the windows until the air feels cool or you’ll probably still feel uncomfortable. As air rises, it’s also a good idea to use the lower air vents and blast cool air into the footwell. This will force the hot air upwards and out of the window.

  • Rely on recirculated air

Once the air conditioning is blowing out cold, refreshing air, you can wind up the windows and enjoy a much cooler temperature. At this point, open the higher vents and adjust the settings according to your preferences. If your air conditioning feels sluggish and is not as cool as you think it should be, it might need re-gassing. Also, make sure it has been serviced.

Avoiding overheating car symptoms

Overheating car symptoms can vary, with thumping and ticking sounds being an indication that your engine has overheated. This can be a serious problem if not dealt with quickly, so always:

  • Check the coolant

When the engine has cooled down, you should check your coolant levels. Sometimes, if levels run low this can cause your engine to overheat and topping up might resolve the issue. If you notice a puddle under your vehicle with a sweet smell, this might mean you’ve a coolant leak that should be fixed by a trained mechanic.

  • Test the engine

With coolant levels back to normal, you can then test the engine. Watch the temperature gauge carefully to see if it’s it races to the hot side. If so, turn your engine off and try again in 20 minutes. If the same thing happens, your car might need to be towed to a garage for repairs.

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