Top 5 car brands with low maintenance

Least expensive cars to maintain

It’s no secret that certain marques are more costly to repair than others. If you want to keep costs down it’s essential to do your research and buy something that’s both affordable to fix and efficient to run. With this in mind, here are five top car brands with low maintenance costs.

  • 1.Ford
  • 2.Suzuki
  • 3.Peugeot
  • 4.Fiat
  • 5.Toyota

When it comes to the cheapest used cars to maintain, Ford tops the list according to an investigation by MoneySupermarket and Warranty Direct, who looked into the least costly cars to repair. On average, Ford repairs were found to cost an average of £223.92 which was a good £50 less than a SEAT which came in at number ten on the cheapest cars to fix list.

According to the research by MoneySupermarket and Warranty Direct, Suzuki models are also some of the least expensive cars to maintain with the average repair costs being £234.96. Of course, it all depends on what goes wrong with your vehicle and which garage you take it to, but Suzuki cars were also found to be some of the most reliable vehicles on the market alongside other Japanese makes like Honda and Toyota.

If you are looking for cars with the lowest maintenance cost, Peugeots are also a top choice with repairs averaging around £251.57. While buying a Peugeot with a respectable service history could be a good move, it’s also up to you to make sure your vehicle stays on the road for a long time. Take the time to check the water, coolant, oil and tyre pressure/tyre quality on a regular basis and never miss a service or MOT.

Car issues can be quite a headache, especially if you use your vehicle every day and can’t be without it. They can also be a financial burden, but as Fiat repairs come in at around £260.25 you can at least rest assured that you won’t be left out of pocket. Again, there are no guarantees, but by researching low maintenance models such as Fiat, you at least give yourself the best chance of finding something reliable.

Toyota is a world famous car manufacturer renowned for producing reliable and longlasting vehicles. Toyota cars have one of the lowest repair frequencies of all car models meaning that over a ten year period they are less likely to need regular trips to the garage. In fact, compared to car brands such as BMW (which can cost close to £14,000 to maintain over the course of a decade), Toyotas are considerably cheaper with average costs over ten years coming in at around £4,000.

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